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Post  Lark Dawkins on Thu Feb 27, 2014 9:00 pm

Bioshock Infinite

Booker DeWitt is an ex-Pinkerton Detective sent to retrieve a girl to pay off his gambling debts.  Little did he know he would be blasted off into the heavens to the flying city of Columbia.  A running theme for the first two-thirds of the game is about a revolution caused by severe racism.  Booker and the girl, Elizabeth, hardly show interest in the uprising and just want to escape to Paris.  However, their only means of doing so get commandeered and they're forced to arm the resistance to get it back.  Elizabeth has the ability to open tears in reality and rewrite certain details, changing the world however she wants.  So the duo transit between three different worlds before reaching what feels like the end of the revolution arc only to dive randomly into a required, brief adventure to rewrite history because they can't accept a happy ending after defeating all of the antagonists.  The excuse of Infinite being a deconstruction of certain gaming trends only feels like a cop out to justify an overall bland plot.

Its a rehash of Bioshock's gunplay and genetic-magic.  Weapons are fairly common at the cost of only being able to carry two at a given moment.  Where as Bioshock 1&2 allowed you to create loadouts out of a wide arrangement of plasmids, Infinite only provides eight that are unlockable as the story progresses.  Tonics are replaced with gear, which primarily act the same.  The new melee weapon, the Skyhook, doubles as a way to traverse the environment.  Elizabeth can use her ability to open tears to reveal weapons, health, backup, decoys, and more.

Not much notable.  Sound design was well done, but nothing ground breaking.  Using the tears to play small bits of music from the future felt random and unnecessary.  If you listen closing you can hear an echo effect that happens whenever the Big Bad is speaking that adds some depth.

Replay Value:
Moderate.  Fun gameplay, mixed with brief shootouts in an overall lengthy, exposition heavy narrative.  It feels like that time you watched a movie that had cool action scenes and you went back to watch it, having to roll through the whole thing because you forgot which parts had the action.  Its like that.

Bioshock Infinite: 5/10

Overall, its just another linear shooter that primarily exists to take away 5-7 hours just to say "fuck you" to morality based story telling by replacing it with a boring story line.

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Lark's Brisk Reviews: Bioshock Infinite Empty Re: Lark's Brisk Reviews: Bioshock Infinite

Post  BeyondGroovyGaming on Thu Feb 27, 2014 10:03 pm

Agreed. Kinda glad Irrational shutdown

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