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What if? 2D Survival Horror Empty What if? 2D Survival Horror

Post  Lark Dawkins on Thu Feb 27, 2014 7:35 pm

How bout this? Resident Evil and Silent Hill are primarily a backtrack/Metroidvania type of game. Can that translate into the traditional 2D platforming of this genre? One of Resident Evil's primary tactics is the bait and switch, where you lure an enemy away from a target, then run around it. Could this translate into a 2D plane in a way that could retain the horror atmosphere? Jumping over enemies is the usual way to avoid in the standard forms of this. IE: Symphony of the Night, don't feel like fighting, jump over or dash past.

Perhaps a way past enemies in an ammo restricted environment would rely on a knockback/shove mechanic?
Example: Enemy blocking your path, but not enough ammo to spare on it.
A) Dash at it, tackling/shoving it down.
B) Grab and push away?
3) Have the ability to knock it down and while down you can bypass it, with a chance of being grabbed?
D) Enemies have patrol routes and you can hide in the background?
What if? 2D Survival Horror Cursor With a variety of enemies, perhaps some low on the ground can be jumped over in a run jump?
Bacon) Melee is just a knock back and cannot hurt the enemy too much?
Maybe have certain enemies resilient to knockbacks or attempt to counter grab you.

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