Top Actors and Actress Pick

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Top Actors and Actress Pick

Post  Nugent on Sun Feb 09, 2014 3:13 am

1.John Wayne (Hondo)
2.Clint Eastwood (The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly)
3.Jason Statham (Snatch)
4.Bruce Cambell (Army Of Darkness)
5.Sean Connery (Hunt For The Red October)
6.Christopher Lambert (Highlander)
7.Christian Bale (American Psycho)
8.Robert De Niro (Casino)
9.Kevin Sorbo (Hercules)
10.Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction)

1.Sigourney Weaver (Ghostbusters)
2.Rose McGowan (Grindhouse: Planet Terror)
3.Uma Thurman (Kill Bill)
4.Felicia Day (Rock Jocks)
5.Jessica Alba (Sin City)
6.Kristen Bell (Hit And Run)
7.Jane Lynch (The 40-Yr Old Virgin)
8.Michelle Rodriguez (Machete Kills)
9.Reese Witherspoon (Walk The Line)
10.Jennifer Aniston (Horrible Bosses)

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Re: Top Actors and Actress Pick

Post  Lark Dawkins on Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:11 am

1.Kevin Bacon
2.Nathan Fillion
3.Eddie McClintock
4.Ben Browder
5.Shawn Ashmore/Aaron Ashmore (Epic Twins)
6.Robin Dunne
7.Joe Flanigan
8.Jensen Ackles
9.Michael Shanks
10.Lennie James

1.Amanda Tapping
2.Claudia Black
3.Joanne Kelly
4.Jewel Staite
5.Allison Scagliotti
6.Felicia Day
7.Rachel Nichols
8.Gina Torres
9.Virginia Hey
10.Gigi Edgley

Lark Dawkins
Lark Dawkins

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