XBFC Thanksgaming 2013

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XBFC Thanksgaming 2013

Post  Lark Dawkins on Thu Nov 28, 2013 3:07 pm

Join us Thanksgiving night for radical events!!!!


Resident Evil 6

+Round 1:
Game Mode: Mercenaries
-Solo Scorefight
-Best out of 3
-3 Rounds will be played

+Round 2:
Game Mode: Survivors
-Best out of 5
-No Duplicates/First Select First Serve

+Round 3:
Game Mode: Onslaught
Map: Liquid Fire
-Bracket Based Versus based on previous rounds
-Best out of 3

Halo 3/Reach

+Round 1:
Game Mode: New York Rookie Cop VERSUS
-1 Round of 15 minutes
-Tiebreaker: Lowest Deaths

+Round 2:
Game Mode: Raceway
-1 Round

+Round 3:
Game Mode: Sugar Zeds
-Highest Score Wins

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