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Lark News - 10/4/13 Empty Lark News - 10/4/13

Post  Lark Dawkins on Fri Oct 04, 2013 4:47 pm

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The TechArt forums now has a RPG feature! Under your Profile is now an option for a thing called .IdentifyU. .IdentifyU is an app for the DawkinsTec brand Personal Epidermal Digital Interface Module. Which you all now have redemption coupons for. To redeem them, just go to the .IdentifyU app and click Yes. The RPG will be text formatted with someone acting as a Game Master. While I'm still working on the details, the finished version should be ready to go soon.
The only thing I need to figure out though... where should I put the RPG subforum? Under Technically Art or Radical Dreamers? TechArt cause its hosted here? Or Radical Dreamers cause its a computer thing? Post a reply on where you think we should put it.
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